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Friday, May 23, 2008

It's offical we have a team of five!

As of this evening we have a fifth member to the team, another fighter and Kiwi.

Mike Sexton, has entered and shall be coming to Brussels in June with us! Excellent!

Upcoming things to watch for are:

1. A London meetup/meal - plans are just starting for the whole team to meet inLondon for a meal and so those who don't know each other to meet. And for those of us who have not seen one another for a while to catch up. (it might also be cool to have you, dear reader, attend. the more the merrier) If that sounds like fun or better yet you are a rich millionaire wanting to put some money towards a good cause, drop us an email ( lw@ judocoach.com ).

2. A podcast - planning is starting to get us all together via phone/computer to have a chat and record some of it so that we can post it as a podcast. It'll be pretty Kiwi accent heavy, so be prepared. That said... Kiwis at home might think we sound like Brits.

Please consider clicking that buttom to the right, and do say hello via the comments thing at the bottom of the page.

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