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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeking Sponsors

Hi everyone,

So we have a team, we are entered, we have accomodation and flights.
We even have custom sized Judogi with our names and the silver fern on coming. Thanks to the good folks at www.toraki.com

What we don't have yet is sponsors. :-(

Mainly this is because we have not started looking properly yet, this site is one of the key elements in getting the ball rolling in that area.

As you can imagine, getting four people to Brussels fit and ready to fight is not cheap. We have to fly there, stay there, eat and compete. We have entries to pay, hotel bills, tickets to buy, Judo suits to buy, it never ends.

So we are seeking sponsors, donors, to help support the team.
We have a bunch of activities planned to promote ourselves and the team, and want to include our sponsors in this.

So, any support large or small is appreciated, be it a donation via the PayPal link or a cheque for naming rights to our team. We'd welcome merchandise without cash too. So please consider asking your boss, your PR/sales department, your club, your wife to support us finanically.

Many Thanks in advance.

The guyz.

Posted by The Team at 12:42 AM
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