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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

T-Shirts and our billions!

Hi Everyone,

this will probably be the last communication on the Blog until we arrive in Brussels.
And it has some great news contained within it!

Steph (from the facebook group) & Aaron have managed to get some t-shirts done at the last moment, after the previous plans fell through due to... well due to budget cuts. :(



Maybe we'll be able to pay them back for their awesome efforts, seeing as someone has just made us a serious offer of $20 Billion as a donation!!
That's a serious offer from someone by the way! $20 Billion!!!

Shame it is Zimbabwe money and is worth I think about twenty pounds!!

Seriously though, the donation is really REALLY REALLY appreciated! As are they all, we shall be writing individually to all donors and thanking them and shall also publish a list here on the blog.
Every penny helps this little team, so thank you so much to all the current donors and to everyone who donates after we post this!

So... till Brussels then!

Posted by The Team at 7:44 PM
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