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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2 - Results

Today, Mike Sexton, Aaron Scott & Lance Wicks competed.

Aaron fought a a Brazilian in the first round, where it went to golden score and Aaron lost on a penalty. His second match was against a Russian, which went Wazari-Awasete against Aaron.

Mike, fought a French man in the first round (loss), Englishman in second round (win) and a Brazilian in the third (loss).

Lance, fought a Morocan in the first round and lost by Yuko (osae komi). The Morocan went on to be a finalist. His second was against a Frenchman where Lance caught him for Ippon with a Ura Nage. Finally he fought another Frenchman who unfortunately caught him for Ippon with a left Taio Toshi.

This evening we are heading out to have a couple of drinks with the New Zealanders in Belgium club, who kindly invited us to their monthly pub night, then tomorrow we shall be there to watch Mike Ritson compete.

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