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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Impressed by Toraki

As we close in on the competition, we are trying to get all the big details finished off.
One of which is obtaining team Judogi.

We have been talking to Toraki (www.toraki.com) on and off for several months, but we have finally decided they are the one for us. And are we ever impressed, and we havn't even got the suits yet!

Not only did they agree to go the extra mile to get the Silver fern embroidered on the suits along with our names, but the lengths they are going to make sure each of our suits is just the right size is awesome. None of this, pick a size and hope stuff, they made us take measurements and send them over to Canada, and since then we have been getting emails querying how we prefer the fit to be. We are really impressed and can't wait to get our hands on these suits!

Posted by The Team at 12:42 AM
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