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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Supporters, come with us!

Our little team is getting some supporters as we get closer and closer to the competition. Within hours of launching this site we had our first donation through via that PayPal button over there on the righthand side! Thanks so much Mike!!

We also have a small but growing number of people coming to watch us fight.

For those of you considering a weekend away, please consider coming to Brussels with us and watching our little Kiwi team battle it out. The World Masters are being held at Centre Sportif, Kinetix Brussels, Belgiumand we fight on the Friday and Saturday.

We are staying about 10-15 minutes away from the venue, so if you want to meet up with us in the evenings we will be around that area, email us if you'd like to meet up. If you are looking for travel help or somewhere to stay, talk to Joe (or anyone) at Year Round Travel. Joe helped us book our accomodation and we are sure will be able to help you too, although its getting busy over there now.

Finally if you would like to support us financially please do click the donate button or (and this would REALLY help) contact someone you know who might consider sponsoring our team.

Posted by The Team at 12:42 AM
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